Hobbyking 500mw telemetry 433/915


Hobbyking has done it again and have gone that step further.

500mw telemetry modules for amp/px4 and pixhawk is a reality.

• Interchangeable air and ground 433MHz modules
• Micro-USB port
• 6-position Molex connector
• 500 mW maximum output power (adjustable)
• -117 dBm receive sensitivity
• SMA connector
• 2-way full-duplex communication through adaptive TDM
• UART interface
• Transparent serial link
• MAVLink protocol framing
• Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
• Configurable duty cycle
• Error correction corrects up to 25% of bit errors
• Open-source SIK firmware
• Configurable through *Mission Planner and *APM Planner 

Supply voltage: 3.7-6 VDC (from USB or Molex connector)
Transmit current: 500 mA at 27 dBm
Receive current: 25 mA
Serial interface: 3.3 V UART 

Two radio modules with antennas
Micro-USB cable
Android OTG adapter cable
6-wire Pixhawk connector cable
6-to-5-position APM and PX4 connector cable
Self-adhesive patch 

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  • http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&a...

    I have used this antenna with good results.
  • Admin

    915 Mhz model is also available there.  Just don't mix up with antennas. In any case the stock antenna does no good to range claims. There are many after market antennas for 400 Mhz UHF HAM antennas with SMA connector which will improve the  range better  than increasing the power( Thumb rule in RF propagation,  Improve the antenna and U will be happy).

  • The module sure looks like a hope-rf module.  It looks about the same shape/size and has the same layout, and It looks like they've added a transistor/FET for amplification.  But why is there no information about the module on the hope-rf website?

    @benbojangles, theoretically these units should have about twice the range of the 100mW units, so don't expect miracles.  Range also depends on a wide range of factors, including antenna, obstructions, etc.

  • Hi. I am also wondering what is inside... Could this modem use a YS-C20L module ?

  • I have ordered one and I have a measuring device to measure the mw output power and I will confirm once I have it and it is measured.

  • 100KM

    @Dwgsparky Good question! @Nabil Aldhaleai I've been flying with HK and other versions of the radios for years, no problems ever.

    This is just as exciting: OSD + Telem in one! http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__74651__Micro_HKPilot_Tel...

  • Interesting. I've felt the same way about the various 'claimed more power' telemetry units, and lack of data about them has stopped me from buying - we all know how the market works: claim same product is a new product, sell more/ make the sales target etc. I'm experiencing the same feeling with the Xiaomi Yi camera right now too - lot's of people claiming it has USB/AV-out functionality on the forums, yet no actual test or footage is available. It's like the hype & hysteria machine working overtime is it not?

    I would really really really be happy if these telemetry units are tried, true, and genuinely functional though. I'd buy them for sure if they have greatly improved range over the standard ones. Same with the Xiaomi Yi camera, as soon as I know it has AV-out I'll buy it.

    I hope to sound positive and encouraging. Perhaps one of the many APM community members will do a side-by-side comparison range test video?



  • As usual crappy thing ( use and throw ) from HK and that is based on my experience with HK. Get the  good quality from 3DR Robotics you will not regret it.

  • Moderator

    will the Pixhawk provide 500ma ? 

  • @Jonathan.  Can you recommend your favorite 915MHz antennas?

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