Hobbyking getting into 3D printers

With the above video above, Hobbyking announced last Saturday that they are getting into 3D printing. Since last Tuesday the products are gradually added to their site.


First item that was added was the 3D Printer Hot Plate MK2B Dual Power RepRap Mendel and RAMPS Compatible. The PCB Heatbed MK2 is a dual power “hot plate” for 3d printers, helping in adhesion and to prevent “curling” as the plastic cools down.





Next item that was added the the site is the 2A Micro-Stepping Stepper Motor Driver A4988 ( Pololu Compatible ). The A4988 micro-stepping stepper motor driver is a Pololu format compatible driver, ideal for Shield and breadboard compatibility. A little down the post I your will find 2 versions the PCB that these drivers need to be added to.



The 3D Printer RAMPS 1.4 Control Board Arduino Mega Shield is one of the 2 available control boards that can be used as the heart of your 3D printer. This PCB allows for 5 stepper motor driver boards as shown above. The bottom pins allow you to place this board on your Arduino Mega.

The product page has links to more details for this board.


The 3D Printer-Ultimaker V1.5.7 PCB Main Control Board DIY ( RAMPS compatibilitable) is your other option as a controller for a 3D printer. The Ultimaker 1.5.7 board is an Arduino Mega shield, geared for the DIY 3D printer market and has some great features not found on the RAMPS compatible boards such as higher input voltage ability and power connectivity options.

More details on how to use this board at: http://reprap.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=Ultimaker%27s_v1.5.7_PCB


The 3D Printer RepRap Smart Controller ( Ramps LCD Control ) r is a graphical user interface to control your 3D printer without the need of a direct computer connection. It can be plugged into the 3D printer control board mentioned above.

See also the big brother with a better interface of this LCD below.


The bigger 3D Printer Full Graphic Smart Controller ( RAMPS RepRap ) has the same functionality as the LCD mentioned above.

In the next days we will have to find out if Hobbyking comes up with more products related to 3D printing. Personally I will wait a couple of day more before I start ordering. I understood from the video that they are not going to sell frames, but there are more items we are going to need to complete a printer. Extruders, fillament, adapters to power the electronics of your printer and more.

If any products are added to the site, I will mention them in the comments below. If you have any suggestions for frames and other products that can be used with these items, then please write the information in the comments.

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  • T3

    What is different about the printmate from a Prusa i3 with laser cut wood for everything?

  • @Dutchman, yes (50%). I hope that was already clear since my first comment.

  • I'm going to see if I can work something out with HobbyKing as far as selling this printer on my website CADDrones.com and making its development a huge focus on the site.! :)

  • @Sebastian, are you the owner of printmate3d.com?

  • @mP1

    There are some electronic kits, i prefer this kind (without motors) or this one (without belts and pullys).

    If you are looking for a complete, fast and easy to assemble 3D printer try this one ;-)


  • Awesome! Thanks for the extremely valuable info!
  • Here is a quick list of the most affordable electronics items for 3d printers, not from Hobby King.

    Really easy to find this stuff if you know where to look.

    Arduino Mega $18 shipped (HK= $18+ship)

    Ramps Shield  $16 Shipped (HK= $23+ship)

    LCD Screen $23 Shipped (HK= $26+ship)

    5xDrivers $21 Shipped (HK= $50+ship)

    SD card slot $6 Shipped (HK has it integrated into LCD)

    Heat Bed $10 Shipped (HK= $14+ship)

    Total: $94 Shipped or from HK= $131+Shipping

    Other required items they don't have (Or I couldn't find them)

    3x End stops $10 Shipped

    5xmotors $73 Shipped

    All these costs are in AUD, so you would decrease them for USD.

    I know if I was on a budget, which I am, and wanted to spend under $200 for a full 3D printer electronics kit, I would most likely go for my Ebay&Aliexpress options over HK. Ebay and Ali aren't going to give me the best service, but neither will HK.

    Anyway, my point is: Don't just assume that just because HK is selling it, that's the most affordable option, cos they aren't always.

  • Its a shame theres no complete kit with everything to save the trouble of picking individual items.

  • Sebastian:

    • 4 stepper motors for movement
    • Extruder with hotend and one more stepper motor

    You are able to use 3 motors for movement - each for one axis. Just like in other routers and mills.

  • @Ramsay

    I modified and optimized a prusa i3 3D printer for lasercut for a workshop with teachers of my local hackerspace. If you have access to a laser cutter you can download the files at printMATE3D.com/downloads and buy the other components at HK and eBay.

    Basically you need:

    • a frame
    • smooth rods
    • linear bearings
    • 4 stepper motors for movement
    • Extruder with hotend and one more stepper motor


    • Arduino Mega as brain
    • RAMPS shield and stepper motor drivers (pololus/stepsticks)

    Optional for stand alone operation

    • LCD screen with SD card slot


    • RepetierHost for the connection to the printer
    • Sli3r to generate gcode from 3D files
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