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  • ... whereas I've ordered from HK at least a half-dozen times over the past 18 months and never had a problem... some from AUS warehouse, some from global...  always delivered promptly (even batteries this year). Maybe I'm just lucky!?

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    Another rant from me about hobbyking LiPo shipping, I had two rechargeable AA batteries (not LiPo's) in an order during the LiPo shipping debacle, it took 4 weeks for them to admit it hadn't actually shipped and for the consultant to suggest that I re-order without the batteries, another week before that supposedly "shipped" and another four weeks for it to arrive, absolutely infuriating. Nine weeks of waiting!

    I've definitely curtailed my shopping with them, problem is their variety and price is hard to beat.

  • I've always had consistent but not super fast shipping from HK.    Goodluckbuy on the other hand, makes HK look like amazon.    My last (and *last*) GLB order placed 11/10.  supposedly shipped 12/4 (for 4 items, all "in stock").  Still not here 40 days after placing the order.  I actually placed orders from HK, GLB, and RCTimer the same day.  RCTimer showed up in < 1.5 weeks..  HK in 3 weeks.  GLB..  Good luck, bye!

    Sorry this is very off topic.. felt the need to share that.

  • I generally avoid the non USA warehouse - so far I have not had any issues - I just got a few MultiWii boards - I generally order stuff from HK considering it may not work or it's on some test frame/platform I don't care as much about.  I have a bunch of stuff to build and I think early in the year I am going to be getting the Pixhawk board - I have had such great experience with the APM and 3DRobotics products, I want to continue the adventure with many of there products

  • Probably worth the extra $80 to get te real deal NAZA controller and GPS.
  • It was the blatant lying that got me over the Lipo shipping issue. My support ticket is 6 pages long, and it's a tale of utter incompetence, lying and not-invented-here syndrome. It was obvious they were going to lose money shipping my 8000mah, so they tried every trick in the book to get me to cancel the order so they wouldn't lose money. 

    In the end, I just escalate to my bank. I await their feedback with interest.

    oh has been bought. I can't imagine who did that.

  • Thomas, yes, that's exactly what I've found.  I typically order with standard shipping, and it normally comes in 10-15 days, sometimes up to 30.  And then if I pay for EMS, it's 5 to 25 days.  There's a huge overlap there, and you never know what you're going to get.

    Now, I know that some of it is out of their control.  But getting the darned things out the door IS under there control!  It took me a while to realize that they were lying when they said things were shipped.  It didn't make any sense that they'd say it was shipped 2 days after the order, but then the shipping company said it wasn't received for another 7 days!

    I'll still use them for things like... wire, connectors, etc.  I order those in bulk and keep a stock, so waiting a month is no big deal.  But for crash parts, it's just unacceptable to wait up to 30 days to get airborne again.

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    I did get my 4 car brushed ESCs today so it took 1 month from when the order was placed to when it was on my doorstep.

    I just paid for standard shipping so it seems that paying for EMS shipping really does not get it to you that much faster given the additional shipping costs.


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  • Look the Chinese are copying the Chinese.... They will copy anyone.... 

  • Euan, I agree.  I've just about given up on HK.  It's mostly because of shipping.  My last order, I paid like $50 for EMS shipping so I could get it fast.  They didn't actually ship it out for 5 or 7 days or something, though they lie about that by giving you a pre-generated tracking number.  So it took I think 20-25 days total to get to me, and that was with expensive fast shipping.  It's just unacceptable.

    I know that they had the battery shipping problem that tied them up, but, that's a whole lot of "not my problem".

    The shipping has been a consistent problem for a long time, and I've just had enough.  I demand better.

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