Hollywood given the green light

FAA-Puma1.jpg?width=400Its all worryingly simple. 

Write manuals, get an N number for your airframe apply for a COA and the pilot needs a PPL.

What took them so long!

In their applications, the firms said the operators will hold private pilot certificates, keep the UAS within line of sight at all times and restrict flights to the “sterile area” on the set.  In granting the exemption, FAA accepted these safety conditions, adding an inspection of the aircraft before each flight, and prohibiting operations at night. The agency also will issue Certificates of Waiver or Authorization (COAs) that mandate flight rules and timely reports of any accident or incidents.

“The applicants submitted UAS flight manuals with detailed safety procedures that were a key factor in our approval of their requests,” said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta. “We are thoroughly satisfied these operations will not pose a hazard to other aircraft or to people and property on the ground.”

The full press release 

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  • Since no movie ever reports net income to the IRS, no money is made & it's legal!  What a victory for diydrones commenters.

  • Well, alright then, two can play that game: Under the authority granted to me, a taxpaying citizen, by constitutional implication, innuendo and rumor, and by the epaulettes on my snappy uniform, I have granted all regular employees of the FAA permission to use the Brooklyn Bridge, with certain provisions and prerequisites which can be found posted on the bulletin board in the Starbuck's closest to each end of the bridge. Having thus established my right to issue such a permission, all other would-be users of the Brooklyn Bridges are herewith advised that any use whatsoever by any of you loutish scoflaws will be met with a sternly worded letter, loud harrumphing, and serious rattling of sharpened pencils. So don't even think of setting foot on this bridge until we run out our next set of fantasy regulations, scheduled for early 2055 but likely to be a bit later than that. 

  • Next:

    FAA grants exemptions for 10 children, now allowed to play in their backyard with their toy copters!


    Why would one need an exemption for something that is presently legal?

    The FAA claims to the contrary have already been challenged in court and a federal judge has ruled on this. Just about any attorney (including former FAA employees) specializing in this area also agrees about the legality of commercial operations.


    Some serious omission here, unless one believes that the federal justice system, a federal judge, and the opinion of dozens of specialized attorneys are just ... err ... air.

  • The FAA didn't stipulate that the operators have a Private certificate.  The companies that applied for the exemption stated that all operators would have that certificate at minimum.  The way it works is you put forth your WHOLE plan and the FAA says yes or no.  They don't change it for you, help you get it, or make it more to their liking.  It is viewed as a package deal.  I would venture to guess if you looked at the plan they submitted, and the manual they must adhere to while operating, you would crap yourself.  They very well might have minimum pilot skills as part of their manual and pilot approval process.  Without actually looking at what was submitted and approved there isn't a way to know for sure.  The Pilot part was probably to show the FAA the operators would have airspace training, and know the rules for weather, collision avoidance, aircraft priority, and when/where they could/couldn't fly based on an aeronautical chart.  

  • The FAA seems a bit more reasonable now. Perhaps some of the legal actions taken against them are having an effect? 

  • @ Jesse

    Why wouldn't you have to keep your medical current? Under a COA a medical is required and the exemption document states:

    "Petitioners should describe the medical standards and certification of the PIC(s) directly
    responsible for the operation of the UAS"

  • Great! So we can finally use our PPL's for generating an income, AND without having to keep our medical current. :-) win-win!

  • Developer

    So GA Pilots are qualified for RC type work. How about a little RC helicopter nose in inverted hoover....

  • Good conference call today. It looks like the path is open to everyone now. Here is a link to the information on the FAA website:


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