Hot News ... Available NuttX OS on VRBrain 4.5: First Fligt with Arducopter32 3.1rc5 on NuttX Operating systems the same use by Pixhawke.

After more than a year of VRBrain 4.5 development , thanks to the efforts of FOXTEAM and the VRI dev team, reached a level of maturity and very high reliability .

It ' was the first platform to support Arducopter 32-bit first through the use of a port of the old library AP_XXX then with new AP_HAL_VRBRAIN library , but without the use of an operating system, as is the case for APM 2.x and now instead of in the video you can see the first pre flight check and the first flight of VRBran 4.5 NuttX that mounts the operating system and the firmware Arducopter 3.1rc5 .

Thanks to PX4 Dev Team and all the other member of team that develop and support this new OS and new revision of Arducopter :)

Luca M. Emile C. for developing of device driver and porting of Arducopter and Marco Robustini for his support in beta testing and debug ...

Gregory Ntt for his fantastic OS :) The new toy for our Board :)

To use NuttX of VRBrain we simply add on the expansion port on the SD Card reader
In tests of performance using the mission planner , the cpu  uses NuttX Arducopter with only 6% of the CPU resources , On APM 2.x need 70 %  cpu.
Now are available 4  VRBrain 4.5 firmware and 2 OS Supported:

The first OS supported by VRBrain is FreeRTOS used inside the TauLab project , Stefan a member of dev team working on it  :


The new one OS is Nuttx integrated in PX4 enviroment and Arducopter32 the ap_hal use is PX4 instead of AP_HAL_VRBRAIN that we use without OS. Our work on NuttX was  on device driver 

An early revision of our code is available here  :

You need to install standard PX4 dev enviroment and import our workspace for build the code ... in the next weeks we prepare a ready to use dfu that will be available in VRbrain wiki page.


Arducopter32 rev 3.1.5 (stable version) :
tested for more than a month with a deep debug coordinated by Marco Robustini and supported by me and Emile and other users of the devteam.


VRBrain 4.5 is the only platform that supports Arducopter 32 with and without the operating system. It has the same reliability of an APM 2.x from the first use and guarantees the use of future developments based operating system NuttX.
It is also the basis for the future development of a European project called GinSec whose purpose is to develop an innovative and revolutionize gps inertial for the specific application in the world of UAVs ... but we'll talk about this thing in the coming months :)


Original blog post here :


for more info about status of the project and future development contact :

The VRBrain 4.5 is available on our webstore at :


If you have some problem on it in your country contact


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Comment by Ian on October 27, 2013 at 6:01pm

Awesome work Roberto! nice to have options for moving beyond the APM/Atmel hardware!

Do you, or anyone reading, happen to have a link or list of hardware used on that hexacopter?

Comment by Lorenz Meier on October 27, 2013 at 11:47pm

Congratulations Roberto and team! It is great to share a common codebase and be able to push the state of the art in the field together!

Comment by Roberto Navoni on October 28, 2013 at 10:50am

Hi Ian , for more information of hexa configuration you can going on youtube channel of Marco Robustini and found a lot of information ... Marco on that hexa use VRBrain with last revision of code 3.1.9 without OS 

Comment by Roberto Navoni on October 28, 2013 at 10:53am

Hi Lorentz,

thanks , We are very happy to share our experience with you and vice versa . The end user don't understand exactly what is the difference to have or not have a OS on our drone. In my point of view i'm very happy to start to fly with an OS under our application that's open a lot of incredible opportunity ... This year was the year of 32 bit cpu the next will be the year of drone with an OS , we are here ready to start this new adventure :) 

Thanks a lot at you and your team for your work ... i hope that in the next EU research project we can collaborate in some advanced application ... 




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