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  • What is the "wing span" of this potential UAV ?
  • Brought this up on the FPV fourm on Rcgoups but no one seemed interested so i dropped the idea. i built one of jaron's Uav wing instead.
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    This plane may be small, but has some potential. It's reasonable price too. I have thought of converting this plane to something similar, but also like the idea of converting it to a pusher and putting a camera in the front. Has anyone else ever seen one of these or better yet flown one? I got it a couple years ago when a local shop closed (quiet moment for Hangar One Hobbies, amen)

    This one is called an Extasi and has been out of production for a long time.

  • I have no AUTOPILOT. I am training. I figured that before I invest in an OttoPilot, I should at least know how the bring the EASY* down safely and land without CRASHING.
    Still Learning
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    Was it with AP while tuning or training?
  • I am becoming an EXPERT-at-Crashing my Easy*. It still flies with Filiment Tape and CA glue.
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    BTW how is the wings mounted, from the looks of the first pic it fixed with elastic bands but bare frame looks different but I can still see the dowel near the leading edge root !! Two pc wing will work too I guess. Good fit . Webie cam will sit nicely on the top of nose, GPS and FMA can sit tight on the top with Velcro mounts. This thing has potential with right size.:)
  • I love traditional wooden frames. My UAV project is also based on a wooden frame (Kadet Senior 2m span). finally, as long as one is able to land 100%, any frame can do. But in the meantime (I mean any time before the 100% landing ability is reached), foamies have certainly an advantage.
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    Ah but it depends on the crashing part ;-)
  • Let's see how it sustains the first crashes:


    I think Multiplex foamies won't have very difficult time keeping their advantage!
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