How to change labview GCS Baudrate to 19200...

Hi all, i had to make little changes in program to get the data at 19200 baud rate...... so its all woking with wireless telemetry.. But the only problem is groundstation... how to change baud rate of ground station. Since its in labview so facing problem of changing its baud rate i have its source code also but cant get how to change.. ..or is there any software emulator to get data on 19200 and reproduce on other serial port at 57600 for GCS.. Suggestions please ..
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  • Thanks it has baud rate option also almost i found all working now. Thanks for ur quick reply chris...
  • i know its not designed to run on full screen just for clarity of options provided on this page i maimize it
  • 3D Robotics
    You're using an ancient version of the software. Please check for the latest version of the software before asking for help. The current version is here.

    Also, needless to say, it's not designed to be run full screen.
  • where to change Baud rate in this window if i want to switch to 19200 Baud rate

  • As Chris said you can change baud rate in the GCS app. I believe that you must change baud rate first and then start the app in order for change to take an effect.
  • Me too. If want to change GCS baud rate, the information should be in the document of GCS. The step of configuration is 1.Open serial port in 57600, 2. Sent command of "change baud rate" to GCS, then see 1st picture to 3. change baud rate as 19200.
  • 3D Robotics
    I'm confused. The GroundStation app lets you select the baud rate. What's the problem?
  • Actual GCS is made to work on 57600 BRate and i want to change it for 19200 Baud rate thats it . this is the task .....So is it possible to make changes in labview software
  • a 30 day trial version will work in this case
  • thanx does it require labview to be installed
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