For RC/UAV uses, a balsa core laminated with carbon fiber makes an ultra light construction panel with very high stiffness. While you can buy ready made panels (usually expensive), this video shows how easily you can make it yourself with no special tools.

This video does not pretend to show the best way of doing these panels. It is merely one quick and cheap way of doing it (like using a vacuum system , use rollers to spread and squeeze the excess resin out, etc)

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  • very useful link, just how simple it is to make a composite sandwich panel for use in formers of aircrafts . I want to carbon coat the  the leading edge of EPO foam wings with 1" upper side and 1" on lower side. can u show how it can be done using carbon fabric strips and epoxy. the leading edge is the only thing that gets damaged.

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    1. Covered a balsa with a thin layer of aerosol dope and sand it with 800 grit sandpaper. Remove dust.

    2. Perforate balsa - 3-5 0,5 mm holes per sqw. cm

    3. Remove excess epoxy with paper towel - carbon must be visually dry.

    4. Use a vacuum bagging....

  • Cool!!! thank´s

  • Great tutorial but next time please use rubber glowes when applying epoxy or other resins, at least on a demo video. Health and safety first... :)
  • T-motor props are wood core. Not sure if it's balsa, probably 3d milled. That's why they are 35 bucks apiece.

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