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  • One of the funniest interactions I recently saw on the internet was a guy talking about a phone being too bulky to fit in his jeans pocket. Someone replied with how skinny the phone was, comparatively speaking, and jokingly asked if the guy was a hipster. The response was something like, why does everyone assume because I like form fitting jeans, that I am a hipster? I may soon find myself having to be THAT guy...why does everyone assume, because I like 3d printers and quadcopters, that I am a hipster?
  • I'd love to see 3D Robotics get their hands into the consumer priced 3D Printer Market!!! ;)

  • Just gimme a coffee & hold the adjectives, I've to go flying before the wind picks up.

  • I need a new hobby.
  • By the transitive property of hipness, this makes me hip!  Finally!

  • With an ipad controlled remote

  • Arduino powered 3D printed AeroPress.

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