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  • Just wish he used some scarier music.

  • To quote The Incredibles: That was totally wicked!

  • Fantastic!

  • some lights on the underside to illuminate the material would make it a lot more visible and scary

  • This definitely needs a camera on it to capture the faces from the "ghost's" POV!

  • Best use of a Quadcopter yet.

  • Yeah, i was thinking that's gonna be the easiest route.  I think i'll do that.  Doing a demo at the airforce museum saturday.  I'll post pictures.

  • seems like the quad could just have a fishing line sort of connection where the ghost is below... to keep things simple.. then you probably could get a Dementor sort of thing going on.

  • I think i'll do the same sort of thing with my y6, but extend an arm between the front two to hold the ghost out in front so the copter is hidden behind, and extend the back arm and put the battery back there for balance.

  • Hahaha I love it!!!!  Now all you need is a Rover dressed up as something! :)

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