I built a thermalling drone.


I hope you like my narrated tour of my recent flight. It is based on MatrixPilot.

Many thanks to the UavDevBoard development team.



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  • Hi Tom, good to hear from you.

    Thanks. Yes, that was me.

    About the hardware, it's a pity UDB5 is no longer in production.

    And Yes, I've seen the soaring feature, I'm even following the discussions about it. It's cool.



  • Developer

    Great work, Kees! Weren't you working on this several years ago back when I was active on UDB development?

    Bummer to hear the hardware availability is in flux but glad to hear the project is still going!

    Have you seen the soaring feature in ArduPilot? It's similar to this but without the LOGO scripts; it's just working all the time. You can set auto missions and if it detects a thermal it creates a temporary mini way point at the middle of it and automatically loiters up and then continues on. So, in theory, you can have a tiny battery and fly forever traveling unlimited distance via normal waypoint navigation (as long as there are thermals along the way).

    Soaring — Plane documentation
  • Hi Phillip,

    Thanks and Thanks.


  • Kees,

    Nice work!

    Hi Chris,

    Now that AUAV is part of mRobotics, we have plans to make more AUAV3 boards and a new micro version of the AUAV3 that is almost ready.

  • 3D Robotics

    The AUAV3 site is no longer selling anything -- they're redirecting all sales to MRo, which does not sell the UDB5.

    Is there any other board still sold that your code can work on? 

  • Andy,

    That link was wrong.

    My LOGO script is here.


    Glider Enhancements To An OpenSource Autopilot for longer flights. - KeesGuijt/MatrixPilot
  • Hi Chris,

    The UAV Dev Board from Spark Fun has been retired. The UDB5 is an open source hardware design, and some members of the group are fabricating new boards using MicroFab.

    You can still buy an AUAV3 Dev Board from Nick Arsov: International SiteUSA Site



    MacroFab’s online platform allows control & management for entire PCBA manufacturing processes. We make new & high-volume production processes easier.
  • 3D Robotics

    It is still possible to buy compatible boards? All the links provided at your wiki have now stopped selling UAVDevboards

  • Hi Andy,

    Thank you for your interest.

    Best start with my Wiki. My LOGO script is here.

    Let me know if you have any questions.



    Glider Enhancements To An OpenSource Autopilot for longer flights. - KeesGuijt/MatrixPilot
  • Can you share details of your autopilot code please.

This reply was deleted.