Latest update of iDroneCtrl ground station for iPhone and iPad, adds iPhone Mission Planning. Along with our Apple MFi approved iDroneLink™ lightning accessory you can control your personal drone from your iPhone or iPad over the same long range datalink that ships with IRIS+ and many other compatible drones.

What's new in version 1.4.0:

  • iPhone Mission Planning
  • Spline Waypoints

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  • @UAS_Pilot less than 100yds is very confusing, we routinely test at up to 1/2 range.  We do see drops occasionally at shorter ranges, but it is usually due to the antenna shadowing as previously mentioned. 

  • Bummer.  Thanks for looking into it though. 

  • So I looked at the Butterfly Bridge by Monarch, and it isn't something we could add on just the software side.  The BB uses BlueTooth 2.X which Apple restricts connecting to unless the hardware (BB) is a MFi device.  We would have to make a MFi version of the BB in order for it to connect to Apple devices with a bluetooth profile that would allow us to transfer data like we do to our iDroneLink today.

  • I would love to see a paid feature to enable bluetooth with the app. Like UAS_Pilot, I don't get the range I need out of your hardware. I do, however, really like your app. If I were able to couple the app with my Butterfly Bridge, that would get me the range I need.

    The BB is a long range radio with diversity connected to a bluetooth retransmitter.
  • On both my Iris + and my phantom clone with pixhawk have the 900 antenna pointing down radiating the lower hemisphere of the the aircraft with same results.
  • Joe we have tested at 1/2 ranges and beyond without issue, but we have seen issues with antenna shadowing on the early IRIS and custom copters where the drone body/battery blocks the RF signal significantly reducing the range.  What drone are you flying?

    With the IRIS+ 3DR changed the antenna configuration so that the antenna was pointing down to mitigate the issue.

  • Gary thanks for catching the typo, it should be corrected now.

  • Sorry Uas_Pilot,

    You are absolutely right.

    I just looked at the wrong header when I typed it in.

    It was intended for Bryan.


  • Gary,

    your addressing the wrong guy. The Original post is by Bryan Galusha. I am just a user. 


  • Hi UAS Pilot,

    Looks like a great product,

    I think it's Apple's "lightning connector" not "lighting connector" as you have both above and on your site.

    I was confused when I saw it, but I suspect your spell checker may be working against you.

    Best Regards,


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