If This Is Real.....WOW!

 R/C helicopter lifting a woman!

If this is real then it's quite a feat. Not to mention very dangerous.

I'd like to think that this is more than just great photoshop skills

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  • I've done climbing, kaying, white water, sky diving, skiing, etc.  All of which have ways to mitigate the risks.  The only way you get hurt is really screwing up. And even if you really screw up, there's usually ways to recover.  This guy, this is about as stupid as juggling running chainsaws.

  • P2P, yeah, that is right up there in the "top 10 stupidest things I've seen" list.  I just don't understand people who do things like that.

    I mean, I've done lots of risky things, rock climbing, white water kayaking, motorcycle racing.  But those things, you can fairly well control and choose the level of risk.  But the heli/skateboard thing is right up there with the most dangerous things you could do, and there's no opportunity to practice safely, really.

  • Video of the components in those heli's

  • Regarding the skateboard video... I don't care how much they cleaned the road, practiced, and planned, that is extremely stupid.  And putting it on YouTube is extremely irresponsible on their part.  "Don't try this at home" is not an excuse. I almost hope one of those idiots loses an appendage doing things like this just to make a point that matters.

  • Developer

    @Robert, less impressed by that one.. :)

  • So John, what do you think about this one?  ;)

  • Normally the mention of radio control planes is a sure way to guarantee no women are picked up.


  • With some higher lift blades, extra batteries, and beefed up mounts, this could lift your average American female walmart patron.

  • Normally the mention of radio control planes is a sure way to guarantee no women are picked up.

  • Bold!

    Check out the size of the drop behind the fence from this angle.


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