In the USA.... Be careful after Monday


Of course, you are always careful you are a DIYD member.

We are all aware of Part 107 coming in next Monday. The very simple test that will allow folks to fly commercially. Less is being said about Part 101, the bit that affects all other model aircraft fliers. If after Monday you don't have a Part 107 ticket, that's you. I speak with Loretta Alkalay ex-FAA legal she was there 30 years.

If you listen it's not just Monday either, they can come after you retrospectively. The grey area in which folks have been flying has been coloured in. 

There are things going on in the background to address some of the issues that are coming up but just be careful of any FPV you post or log files that demonstrate BVLOS flight.

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  • Anyone know how to contact Ms. Alkalay with a question?

  • It seems pretty clear to me that FAA people in an office in Washington creating these regulations have no clue about what goes on in the real world outside the beltway but they think they do which is really the worst possible situation.

  • Yeah. Just cannot wait to see them fining FPV flyers!
  • Interesting interpretations Gary,

    According to the speaker if you don't belong to a Community based organization, the FAA can prosecute you for flying at all.

    Unfortunately in the US I am absolutely positive that covers 99 percent of the quadcopter flyers and at least 90 percent of all hobbyist flyers of all types.

    And FPV flying and racing is growing in popularity faster than all other aspects.

    For that matter, the vast majority are still unregistered and unlikely to become so.

    Can't wait to see what happens next.

    Best Regards,


  • nice.

    a failure promoting the hobby.

    we will see what happens here.

  • Apropos to the topic


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