The UAV is a combination of a plane and helicopter. Therefore it is capable of hovering and vertical take off/landing, just like a helicopter but it can also tilt forward to achieve horizontal flight the same as an airplane. This is done in order to maximize the distance and the speed of such an aircraft.


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  • Are tailsitters allowed in the sparkfun AVC?

  • PlaneCopter ? :D

  • Maxime Carrier,

    I love the visual - don't have an opinion on the name; but I'd love to see that fly;

    even if it's just a computer model - I encourage you to mock that up....

  • Good idea Maxime  there is a tilt wing on my flight simulator  it looks like an air plane and  has over  size propellers on the end of each wing it  climbs straight up ,tilt the wing forward and away it goes to land the wing tilts back and it goes  into a hoover and  lands straight down you   can land like a regular plane with the wing tilted up 45 degrees with the wing horizontal the props are to long and hit the ground

  • How can I call my concept ? lol

  • It is a rough rendition of the "Hyper taxi there was an article on it in one of my flying magazines Maxime most tricopters and Quads are VTOL

  • @Carl Lafrance

    lol, by VTOL Tricopter I mean tricopter that could tilt two rotors at 90 degrees and fly by using small wing instead of flying like an helicopter.

  • I planed to make a VTOL tricopter but this design is much simplier :D

  • Thank you Alex. Indeed all your observations are right. 

  • It looks like the wing(s) are a flat plate with no airfoil shape to them, Is that right? The lift comes from the higher angle of attack. It looks like a pretty stable design. I like that it uses only one prop/motor, using even less power that a quad would.

    Congratulations and keep up the good work.

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