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  • Hello SungTae Moon... Can your ground controller be used with pixhawk?? 

  • Thanks you Sam..

    I developed new ground controller like mission planner for swarming flight. It can control lots of drone simultaneously. 

    Of course, the mission planner can control drones simultaneously. However, it is not unsuitable for swarming flight.

    SungTae Moon

  • Excellent work, I'm impressed.

    We're planning a swarming project using our Wing controller and Wing GCS, so we just use the mouse functions to select individual aircraft, box-select a group of aircraft or to quickly take over manual control as required. Development has stalled a bit but we were looking at using APM Planner, as a apparently Mission Planner isn't well suited to controlling multiple aircraft. What mission planner software did you use for the demonstration?


  • Thank you for comment. 

    @Rana, It just used pixhawk 2 and piksi rtk. (not arducopter f/w). The system can control lots of drones accurately. 

  • Very nice work!

    I asked him to be here soon.

  • Developer

    @rana, I don't think that video is, but this is

  • Very few information on this video.

    Only, stmoon said they use Swift Piksi RTK-GPS. on this thread. ,that is my found. is nice to see.

  • Excellent !, are they using Arducopter f/w ?

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