So you thought Lithium Polymer battery was good with its 150 Wh/Kg?

Well, there's a new battery on the scene which boasts 11,000 Wh/Kg! Lithium - Air!

Polypos has only gone and done the impossible!

Can you imagine 11,000 Wh/Kg?

Let me put that into perspective:

  • If you put it on a Multirotor with a 15 minute flight time you'd have, 17 hours of flight time!
  • If you put it on a plane with 2.5 hours flight time... It'd give you over a week flight time! I mean these arn't even the most efficient times, think of a plane with 4 hours flight time, now it'd be half a month of flight time!
  • If you put one of these onto a Tesla car with it's 200 mile range.... It'd give you over 14 thousand miles range! That's nearly around the world! 

The idea behind Lithium Air batteries is nothing new. Not having to carry half the battery around and just using the air is a great idea, especially with one of the lightest battery materials - lithium; but actually doing it - that's something else. There was always the problem of the electrodes being destroyed, however Polypos has found a way to protect the electrodes. 

Wikipedia Lithium-Air Battery - if you want to know the exact chemistry and the problems!

Okay I'm hyping it up a bit much, it's going to be a long way off before we see these for sale, and at the moment they're getting no where near the theoretical 11,000 Wh/Kg - still over 1,000 Wh/Kg though! Plus I reckon PolyPos will be holding their Lithium air batteries close to heart, and it'll be the military who get's them first of course.

But look at what happened with lithium polymer batteries?

It's exciting!

For the moment, what we'll probably realize first is Lithium - Sulfur batteries. These boast 2500 Wh/Kg - still pretty awesome! 

Check out more at The Polypos Website.

Also here's a really interesting article about these batteries. 

Polypos Batteries Article

Hope you found this interesting, and thanks for reading!

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  • Has anyone tried a non rechargable lithium sulpher dioxide batterys you can get 3v 4.8ah cells that weigh 61g for like 11$
  • I've tried to contact Horizon several times simply requesting more information; no responses.

    There was a technology several years back that got tied up in the courts for patent rights or some such thing. I wondered whatever came of it. Now I know..


    Advanced power technology for UAV's is available, but not to the general public. Yawn. Wake me up when a unit can be ordered.

  • ..and Elon Musk to cough up the cash and we're done! So exciting to see this even though its not here yet.

  • Jake Stew - hahaha! 

    Ah it's interesting none the less, even if it is just pie in the sky! 

  • Sad to see that despite 99% of this crap ending up as a complete failure they still keep hyping it as gold.

    I've long proposed that someone keep track of the scientists making fraudulent claims like this so they can be disgraced and remove them from squandering research dollars that might otherwise be put to good use.

  • There is huge economic and environmental incentive for more efficient energy storage.

    The Chinese in particular appreciate the need for it so they can convert from coal which is literally killing them to other technologies.

    Many of the announced systems were a lot easier to get to work in principal and prototypes than they are commercially.

    But they will eventually happen, just not as quickly as everyone would like it to.

    Now if we can just convince the world to switch to liquid thorium salt reactors.

    The way they should have been done in the first place.

  • That's really amazing, this will vanish the engines atleast for UAV's.

  • It's true, most innovations fails, but if it wasn't for trying we wouldn't have any!

  • We need new elements. Let's kickstart an asteroid mining operation, I've got $100 on it.. Just need a few billion more :/
  • I'm surprised that there isn't an Ansari X-Prize for commercial production of advanced tech batteries.

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