So you thought Lithium Polymer battery was good with its 150 Wh/Kg?

Well, there's a new battery on the scene which boasts 11,000 Wh/Kg! Lithium - Air!

Polypos has only gone and done the impossible!

Can you imagine 11,000 Wh/Kg?

Let me put that into perspective:

  • If you put it on a Multirotor with a 15 minute flight time you'd have, 17 hours of flight time!
  • If you put it on a plane with 2.5 hours flight time... It'd give you over a week flight time! I mean these arn't even the most efficient times, think of a plane with 4 hours flight time, now it'd be half a month of flight time!
  • If you put one of these onto a Tesla car with it's 200 mile range.... It'd give you over 14 thousand miles range! That's nearly around the world! 

The idea behind Lithium Air batteries is nothing new. Not having to carry half the battery around and just using the air is a great idea, especially with one of the lightest battery materials - lithium; but actually doing it - that's something else. There was always the problem of the electrodes being destroyed, however Polypos has found a way to protect the electrodes. 

Wikipedia Lithium-Air Battery - if you want to know the exact chemistry and the problems!

Okay I'm hyping it up a bit much, it's going to be a long way off before we see these for sale, and at the moment they're getting no where near the theoretical 11,000 Wh/Kg - still over 1,000 Wh/Kg though! Plus I reckon PolyPos will be holding their Lithium air batteries close to heart, and it'll be the military who get's them first of course.

But look at what happened with lithium polymer batteries?

It's exciting!

For the moment, what we'll probably realize first is Lithium - Sulfur batteries. These boast 2500 Wh/Kg - still pretty awesome! 

Check out more at The Polypos Website.

Also here's a really interesting article about these batteries. 

Polypos Batteries Article

Hope you found this interesting, and thanks for reading!

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  • any success story ?

    Yes!  They were highly successful at fleecing many investors out of a lot of money.

  • http://chargedevs.com/features/three-of-a-kind-polyplus-reaches-for...


    this technology is already 3 years old

    any success story ?


    Three of a kind: PolyPlus reaches for 1,500 Wh/kg

    Posted November 8, 2012 by Markkus Rovito & filed under Features, Tech Features.

  • 100KM

    If I remember correctly, the D-cell battery has 12 000mah, but only 250ma discharge. So 0.02 C..

  • @hein what is the discharge rate maybe you could make a hybrid system with a small lipo and some lithium sulfer batteries what is the discharge rate i cant seem to find any info on that my quad only draws 18a at a hover those batteries are so light you could afford to run a bunch in parallel to try and get the c rate up just a thought
  • Oh of course... You can't drive through the earth! Shall edit tomorrow... I'm an idiot :o
  • Ah, I was waiting for this week's battery breakthrough blog post.

  • Diameter yes, but you want to drive the Tesla on the circumference which is 3.14 times that.

  • Andrew The diameter of the world in miles is 7,626 miles. The range with the new battery would be over 10, 000 miles. I said 10, 000 because it's a nice number. But the math is: 

    Standard lipo energy density = 150 kw/kg

    Lithium air theoretical energy density = 11, 000 wh/kg 

    So 11, 000/150 = 73.3 

    So the lithium air battery would last 73.3 times longer. 

    Range or tesla car = 200 miles 


    14,660/7626 = 1.92 times around the world. 

    So it's theoretically more! 

  • Offtopic but I think your 10 thousand miles round the world math is a *little* bit off.

  • 100KM

    @Todd - I had a look at those, but the discharge rate is pitiful! No way you can use it in a plane.

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