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  • I am throwing money at my screen. Why is nothing happening? ;)

  • Admin

    Different & cool.  is not another quad for sure

  • Excellent design!! Can you provide any info on the cost of a unit? I'm really interested in supporting.

  • @Ascent AeroSystems quick correction. On the sprite page ( you mention DroidPlanner 2 is available for PC. However, just like Tower, it's only available on Android devices.

  • I like it a lot! 

  • love it!

  • Ive been avoiding Kickstarter and pre-orders for a while but this might get me back in...

  • You should add the comment "and it's real" to your campaign :)

  • This is really neat. I give you guys a lot of credit for thinking out of the box and coming up with something completely different than what we are used to!

  • I love what you guys are doing, and it's great to see an option other than JAQ (Just Another Quadcopter).  But I gotta ask:  Jello?

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