Iranian Drone Competition


Some pretty big goals as this competition evolves, rather puts the OBC in its place and considering how difficult that is one wonders how well the competitors fare in this one.


This is this years task


Homa Sazan (University Level) Missions and Goals:

1-Level 1 (2010-2011)

In this competition, participants must provide a UAV equipped with a Camera to search a 10 square kilometer area for at least 40 minutes to find 3 square meter marks on the ground with different English letters on them. Finding ground targets and reporting the geo location are criterion for choosing the contest winner.


comp1.jpgNo guts no glory though!

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  • Like thinking people are everywhere. Promotion ??..... I would like to know what they are doing anywhere else on earth.

    Mmmmmm.... off earth also.



  • Jonas, excellent question. Most likely, it's because the end result will to be to fly over English speaking territory.


    I'm thinking promotion of Iranian UAV competitions might be against the long term interests of DIYDrones and English speaking people everywhere.

  • Yes very interesting! But why only English letters? And not also signs or Arabic letters.

  • seems a very interesting competition. I wish you guys luck and keep us posted on the developments and outcome of this competition.



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