Iris details: #1 The 4-1 ESC/Power Module

3689543760?profile=originalWe begin the tour of Iris' guts by looking at the new 4-in-1 ESC/Power Module. Each ESC is rated at 20amps capacity and is running the SImonK firmware for enhanced response and stability. The onboard Power Module provides regulated power to the flight control board, in addition to voltage and current monitoring.

3689543688?profile=originalAn aluminum heatsink is attached to the power handling transistors


This 4-in-1 represents an elimination of 110 grams when compared to four individual ESCs, Power Module, and Power Distribution Board.

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  • I'm trying to diagnose the possibility of a bad ESC in this 4 in 1.
    I'm presently using 3.3 firmware on the Pixhawk and there [THR_MAX] has been replaced with [MOT_THST_MAX]; and I also can't find 'MOT' in the log files. All I can find is 'MODE' followed by 'MSG' so I can't find what the thrust is for individual motors, I'm pretty sure one of the ESCs is bad on this 4 in 1, but I want to absolutely sure before I buy a new 4 in 1 ESC..

  • I have one of these.
    And one of the motors occasionally doesn't spool-up with the rest of the motors. 
    I've adjust the THR_MIN up in value and the MOT_SPIN value and updated the unit.

    I'm wondering if it has something to do with the ESC. Anyone know if the heat-sink can be removed to check the caps and resistors?

  • After further research, I believe this is the chip. 

    Can any one tell me if this is the only FET? IE does this ESC only use N-FET's or P+N Fets? 

  • Does anyone know what FET is on this esc? I have one motor down, looks like 2 FET's up in smoke :( This comes after I soldered a motor lead to the board, I think there may have been excessive heat causing a short maybe. Reading the case I can see Ior p3226 HTZ6_ F8736 but I cannot find this mosfet anywhere? 


  • You cannot just flash these with BLHELI, without knowing what the ESC's are based on. We can see they are AMTEL. and a USBASP AVR will do the trick. But what file do you select from the BLHELI menu? For that matter what files do you choose from the SimonK Hex's also....? 

  • @forrest Did you ever identify the 5V rail on this beast for use?  hmm wonder if its enough to power a mute(wifi off)

    gopro hero 3+ black?


  • CLERC,

    I do not work at 3DR anymore, so I have no idea if this 4in1 is available as spares. I'm sure customer support can help you with that info, however.


  • I'am very interesting by this 4in1 esc with power module. You know if 3dr sell it as a spare parts?

  • Hello, where i can buy the 3dr 4-1 ESC/Power Module?
  • MR60

    Thanks.  That just saved another 2.265 grams (cut off most of the red/black small wire since the ship doesn't have a gimbal yet; did save a little wire stub for when one is added).  That reduces the final weight to 6.3 grams per ESC, which makes the IRIS 4-in-1 the lightest ESC out there!

    For multicopters, ESC weight is critical, because to fly, the power system must lift it into the air before the ESC has any net benefit.

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