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  • Have a look here on how to use IRIS with 4S lipos - including links to 4S lipos that fit:

  • Very cool. Thanks for sharing. I hope they will provide an upgrade kit as I just purchased my 3DR Iris 4 - 5 weeks ago and have already experienced the reported issues.

  • Did you have to change the motor/props once switching to 4S?

  • Developer

    I fly with the old style Iris quite a bit for testing and I'll tell you, the #1 thing to make it better is to put a 4S battery in it.  It turns into an absolute rocket especially when you leave the gimbal off it.  I wish I had a link to a 4S battery that fits into the IRIS so everyone could easily order it but I got mine from a friend.

  • Testing Gopro aerodynamics to greater detail than ever before.

  • Yes, at least I hope that the new parts fit the original IRIS. I would love to have longer arms and better motors. That landing gear is pretty nice too.
  • Hopefully they provide a nice upgrade kit, since the current iris is not overly amazing once gimbal and gopro attached (which was one of its selling points)... its ok with front go pro though.


  • Maybe 4S with better motor/props?  Probably longer arms since selling off the older ones cheap?

  • Looks like new tall landing gear, a new placement for the telemetry antenna, new prop attachments, and who knows what else!

  • I thought as well that the new kid otb was relating to this guy, CG, the new ambassador of 3DR ?

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