After months of waiting to win a Solo in the giveaway, I just made my own. The angled arms are shorter with the back arms swept back to accommodate 10" propellers. The landing gear was brought in to a mount on the underside (which can still mount a Tarot gimbal) Detachable legs that work as replacements for the !ris+ legs were integrated into the mount. A mount was created for the front mount for the Tarot 2D to get absolutely zero encroachment of legs/props. A tower mounted Ublox 7N was added to match the Solo. These are, of course, 3D printed parts. I hot knifed the threaded inserts from broken Iris arms and all in all was mostly design and print. 3 months of work done.


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  • One motor is fried, so I am going to replace and test. Not too sure about COG; feels a little front heavy. There is a mount area underneath for a gimbal if needed. Hoping this config will work.

  • Love it! Looks very professional and, best of all, gets the camera out front. Did you manage to maintain COG with the back-swept arms?

  • I think it was an overall weight decrease of 60 grams. I have a new CCW motor coming, so it's not flown yet. I post the epic/tragic video soon. Sorry Jason, I lost all the STL's in a tragic Makerbot fire. ;)

  • Any weight in/decrease? Any chance of people getting their hands on the STLs? ;)

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    Awesome stuff, :-)  managed to have a maiden flight with it yet?

  • MR60

    Nice! Do you have zoomed pics of the attachment and dampening of the gimbal?

  • I'm going to make the legs a bit more angled and shorter. 

  • I'll take it!

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    In the words of my brother crack a lacking (he is a touch embarrassing for a 40 something)

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