Iris to go


The very low cost ruggedized case MAX 505S (complete series) nicely fits the Iris with props unmounted. This is a custom / personal DIY setup, not a product - although we would guess that 3DR will be offering something along these lines. The case is water-tight and has a pressure valve. It comes with pluckable foam which can be manually brought to shape. The RC transmitter could also be fitted underneath, but in this example we decided to keep it external to have a clean 'all things Iris' box. Iris has a classic (nicely machined, black anozided) prop mount which tightly fits the APC SF props. We're working with 3DR to speed up rotor mounting / unmounting with a simplified 'quick mount'. The larger version of the case, MAX 505, would have plenty of space for additional items, but also has obviously more volume. MAX 505S dimensions should fit cabin luggage requirements of most airlines and Iris + accessories + case should be below 6 kg.

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