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  • @Darrell 3,104,245 people would say otherwise.  The point is, his videos are huge influencers to the same uneducated "Best Buy" type flyers that are already ruining the hobby as we speak.

  • Never heard of this guy before and really don't care what he's up to. You have given him even more publicity which I'm sure he appreciates.

  • T3

    Show me a video of a video of a Phantom 4 landing safely with a missing prop, and I will reward you handsomely.  As for the sense and avoid, I can't say I have tried it so I will withhold judgement.  And pretty much any quad can fly with no GPS, as long as you are a good pilot.  

    Oh, and Phantom 4 is definitely not exempt from any rules.  It is actually a pretty standard quad, the only real "special" thing it has is that sense and avoid which I imagine is very narrowly useful.  I'm assuming it's well put together and has readily available spare parts and mods, so that's a plus.

  • OG, you are confusing the M600 hexacopter's ability to fly without a prop, for the Phantom.  The Phantom will drop like a stone.  A rapidly spinning stone.

  • @OG. Your facts on the P4 are way off. While it does have sense an avoid, that only works for forward flight. The P4 will NOT continue flying on 3 propellors unless you consider falling to the earth flying. The ground sensors only read 30' above the ground max without GPS. As for the rest, there is no doubt that the FAA is way behind the 8 ball on drone technology but that doesnt mean we should ignore some common sense basic safety practices.
  • Yeah, Casey does a lot of stuff at the border of legality and that's what made him famous. Like this video where he was snowboarding, being pulled by an SUV... During a ban of private traffic in NYC due to a snow blizzard =>

  • And He was doing the same stuff over in Cape Town, South Africa...

    Zero F#*cks given

  • Developer

    Casey is a professional photographer. For him the drone is a tool to get better shots. Beside this he has no interest in drones as a hobby, and most likely does not follow or read any RC/UAS related sites or forums.

    So realistically the drone seller/manufacturer is the only source of information he has on to how and where to fly the thing. And considering the fact that DJI is sending him free drones, they seem to be just fine with how he operates now..

  • I don't agree with the premise of this post or the associated long-winded (and surprisingly flustered, confused and incoherent) rant. Making a big deal about Casey's free drones, drawing irrelevant comparisons with yourself and calling on people to pressure the FAA to go after Neistat in this way is all a bit sad in my opinion; and I am one of your long time subscribers (I was view number 5 on this particular upload).  That's not to say that there isn't a conversation to be had here, or that doing a video on such a subject isn't a good way to make one's own channel more relevant, I just don't think an emotionally charged winge was the way to go.

  • Red Bull and GoPro apparently are telling folks to don wingsuits and jump off mountains and fly through rock arches with only a foot clearance on either side....

    Not to bring politics into it, but if you look at the current election situation here you get the idea that neither truth nor ethics nor morals nor ANYTHING except outrageousness sells....even at the national level. 

    Now back to watching "Naked and Afraid"...after which I will watch a stern faced clown shout "you're fired". 


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