It flies! It flies! First Flight!

OK, OK, technically this is the second  flight..  First flight is here:  ; I just like the second video better.


The vertical instability was caused by me not having the throttle curve set right on the Transmitter; by default it is just a straight line from 0 to 100. Setting the throttle curve to something more curvy makes it much more stable up and down.


Took me a while to get back to this, mostly because I was waiting for a  replacement motor installed after a brief but terminal "magic smoke event".

Thought I also needed a new ESC, but found a post here ( which set me straight.

Spent a bunch of time at the workbench running through things, including

  • pretty much all of the RC inputs need to be reversed for me (JR790)
  • you really do need to arm the motors before anything happens; it is amazing how much time you will spend trying to figure why nothing is going on (but see previous point as to why I may have been having difficulty.
  • taping and wrapping connections, I'm toying with the idea of heat-shrinking the motor wires to the end of the arm:

3689417870?profile=originalNext steps:

  • Wrap the remaining motor wires
  • Replace nylon screws with metal ones 
  • Add XBee modules to airframe
  • lots and lots of flying

Anyway, that's enough for now -- I'm off to fly some more...

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  • This is the first stage of a longer project.  This was the first flight of the airframe.

    This is just Arducopter 2.0.35 code (soon to be upgraded to .38) running on a new airframe with GPS, magnetometer, etc.  Further (for now) the 'copter is flying under RC control "hands-on" but using the on-board STABLE mode to make my life simpler and save wear and tear on the garden below.

  • So is this new project? or just doing arducopter code?

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