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  • I was holding my balls what this hahaha.. Variable pitched props could help towards stability and to give yaw. 

  • Aeroflex has pushed the concept further, with a very similar looking vehicle, but completely stabilized on all axis :

  • Noone has commented on his finest achievement -- the world's fastest toilet!

    (It flushes while moving at great speed!).

  • Developer

    @Rob.. Yeah... I don't understand how people think something like this is a better solution..


  • Ben - you must have missed the thermite launcher and the rotary turkey cooker he demonstrated to Jamie Oliver.

    The guy is riot ..........

    I suggested he add a pulse jet and it would be perfect.

  • Again, if people want a flying chair, they already exist.


  • Developer

    Anyone who follows Colin Furze on youtube, knows that it is all about taking some weird/fun concept and turning it into something at least close to real. And the shirt and tie he always wear during testing, is symbolic. Sticking it to the man etc..

    It's important to understand that he's not in any way serious about building a fully workable and safe to use hover-board. It's all about path of least resistance to get something that looks spectacular on camera. And I see no problem about that. It's entertaining and He's a smart man that knows the risks, and is not putting anyone else in danger.

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    He does actually build these things himself. He is cleverer than he tries to make out :)

  • This said, he's not just the average sunday buillder he says, have a look at his videos, he has 2.5 millions subscribers and is more or less running a show as a dangerous mad scientist :

    some of his videos :

    -removing socks with a rocket launcher

    -pulse jet drift bike

    -making a thermite launcher

    -the high voltage ejector bed

    -setting off 300 rockets all at once

    -Jet-kart the most mental kart ever

    -squeezing a 600cc engine into a tuc tuc

    -fart@france, building the biggest valveless pulsejet engine ever

    -how to build a 60mph mobility scotter

    and many many more, so it's clear it's more a show with probably a crew to build the things and he's just making the buzz with it. Which is actually very funny.

  • Regarding the fact that it relies on ground effect to hover, and does not really 'fly', I'd say that it's the whole point of a hoverboard, to hover, not to fly.

    To give reference to films, that also how the hoverboard is depicted in back to the future, or the speedbikes seem to work in star wars : they just keep close to the ground.

    And that's probably the only 'safety' equipment on his design, if the motors were powerful enough he would already be dead several times :)

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