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  • I watched a documentary about Chernobyl and the robots they used on the roof to clear the radioactive debris would often lose control and drive themselves off the edge because of the radiation!
  • as I said, radiation damages everything, if it's strong enough

    (japan does not have any robots which could do this type of task)

  • Great :)
  • @Sebastian: Radiation affects massively electronics. Take for example the robots used in Chernobyl. These could not withstand radiation for long and had to be "substituted" by "volunteers", so called Liquidators. If you watch carefully on some close-up photos of Fukushima and Chernobyl, you'll see that the CCD-sensors/cameras react strongly to radiation (photos are sort of blurry). Takle also for example satelites. The companies that build these, make huge efforts and invest enormous amouts of money to make these radiation robust. I guess, however, that the price of a quadcopter is nothing compared to the costs being generated every minute in Fukushima. So, they would be great as a disposable uav...
  • T3

    I believe the overhead radiation is quite small as we have seen overflight photos from classic manned helo.

    The problem is mostly in that soup they made by pouring water onto the nails.

    Overhead radiation is most likely severly reducing RC range, and this is why it is not a good scenario for not-fully autonomous quadcopter, on the other hand TRULY RELIABLE navigating in rubble looks beyond what small flying dustbins can do. Last thing they need is extra 3kg of radioactive waste. Not to mention about props putting all dust in the air. I think no, they dont anything copterish there.

  • @ Sebastian: I thought that radiation does affect electronics substantially, now, you do make a valid point about the relative dose, but I would say that the reactor site does qualify, otherwise why would the US & Germany bother sending in special robots? Also see what IEEE says on the subject here and here.  Am I misunderstanding?
  • radiation doesn't affect electronics (it does in very high levels, but then the reactorbuilding wouldn't be still there ;) )
  • And it could be a perfect scenario to use a quadcopter. Sure it is the best way to explore inside the nuclear reactor!. The radiation levels could affect the electronics of a normal quadcopter/uav?
  • @Felipe, all about the UAV here


  • What is name of plane, do you know how much airframe and where can buy it ?


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