After a test flight yesterday where *everything* went wrong I thought that I would do some PID tuning in my back yard, while I might be a competent programmer, I'm pretty green, in fact, I aspire to be "green" when it comes to PID tuning!!

So to improve my PID tuning skills I've been running endless simulations and frankly they just do my head in, so I've hit it with some "trial and error" and thus far have improved on the standard set of PID's advertised on the jdrones website, and thought that I might publish them so that I can hopefully help at least one other person out there with a starting point for their hexa...

These are my settings for the jDrones Hexa 880kv motors w/ 12/4.5 props, runs on a pair of 3C 5000mah LiPo's and weighs in at 2.25kg in flight trim... I'd love any feedback from anyone running anything similar, please keep it similar tho, there's no use telling us all about your quad running 820's & weighing 1.5kg as that's not much good for the rest of us.

Altitude & throttle are close, but not perfect, Loiter & Nav need tuning so any input there would be great!!

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Comment by Balloon on October 4, 2012 at 8:17am

What're you used version Firmware? 

Comment by Jesse on October 4, 2012 at 4:14pm

I'm currently on 2.7.3 will do this again for the next revision of firmware. 

Comment by Jani Hirvinen on October 5, 2012 at 2:11am

Jesse, yep for bigger motors default set that we use for Roll/Pitch P is 4.0 - 4.1 and you seem to have 4.13 which is rather ok. You might want to change Rate Loiter P to be as 5.0. Dev team just changed that to be as default on latest codes. 

Comment by Matt on April 27, 2013 at 2:33am

Forgive the very basic question, but the PID screen seems to have changed since this discussion so I'm seeking clarification on the recommended PID settings to start out with.  

I've got a JDrones Hexa with the 880Kv motors and 12/4.5 props.  The PID's mentioned here and at jDoc ( look similar but are subtly different and I'm not sure if I'll plug the right values into the correct fields.

Can someone please offer some advice or perhaps an updated screenshot of the correct settings?

Many thanks.


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