jDrones time to move on.... (part 1)


jDrones: 1.2.3.. Let's break the wall as it's time to move on....

We already stayed on our current office almost 2 years now and finally after a long search, it is our time to move to a next location. Our current office is getting just way too small and we have already expanded it to hold some of our bigger machines that we use to produce some of our parts. And there are more machines on their way so we can ensure that in future production quality and capacity is getting better and better. 

As we always been big part of this great DIYDrones community, and same thing like 3DR shown their new facilities, it is now our time to show few insiders of our new office. Also if you ever visit on Bangkok/Thailand you are most welcome to visit our office. Just contact us before your arrival so we can send map/destination details for you.

Anyways we did search quite long of this new area. Bangkok is a big city and it's not so easy to find areas with good access, flying areas etc on closeby but we did manage to find one.

First small background details of our new jDrones office: It is a 3 storey "town house" style with 2 units. Total office/factory area is around 420m2 (4500 ft2). Left side of the office we will have all engineering, manufacturing and testing, on right side there will be administration, packing & shipping.

So 1.2.3 let's break the wall.... On first month everything was looking bad or even worse, our engineers just wanted to break everything on the building. Dust and pieces of concrete lying everywhere. 

2nd floor where administration/management will be and oh more pieces of concrete.. You should never give big hammer to engineers, they have a bad habits to break everything.  


Immediately after the wall breaking operation was done at inside, we did build extra rooms on back side of the building so future expansion is easier.


Finally after month or so it was time to start put something back together, floors were done and it's time for first layers of new paint on the walls. Things are starting to look a bit better.


As we are working on flying devices, our walls have nice sky blueish color. Many of our customer know this girl already, Nin who is in charge of admin and shipping. After her daily packing and admin jobs were done at old office, she came to new office to do some paining jobs. She says that painting is really relaxing after packing and administration jobs.


Finally it's time to start closing those big holes that construction engineers made earlier. Time to assemble doors and walls between units. 


After inside doors were ready, engineers assembled front door/wall frames so we can keep precious cool air inside and naturally hot air outside. 


Things are finally starting to look promising and we can start to plan move soon. There are still many things to do before whole office is ready but it will be ready soon enough.

Part 2, coming soon shortly. We plan to move all operations to new office at end of October

Everyone welcome to visit us on new office starting from November 2012.

Jani / jDrones

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  • Developer

    Well we try out best and this is again one big step further on serving everyone. As said things are looking a lot brighter now. One week ago it was still horror due cables and many other things were missing. Controlling things on environment like in here really needs some supervising as people tends to do things their own way and trying to go where fence is lowest.

    About me getting hands dirty, I was able to hide my self many times from camera but for sure I was getting my hands dirty there too. Especially when doing some metal works.

    Mark, yep those are booms from our new humansize heavy lifter ;)

    Just joking, they are support structure for roof that we made...

  • Moderator

    Congratulations!  That thing Nin is painting, it's your latest heavy lifter?

  • Congrats to you and your crew Jani.  Looking forward to seeing your new place when its finished.  Keep us posted:)

  • Distributor

    Way to go jDrones crew! Nin is for sure working 300%! ;)

    Cant wait to see these new machines that I know are coming. This will be a very good evolution for all of us as bigger/better work places means better products too.

    So if this growth is rippling out to distributors too I should be making a move to bigger "basement" next year! hehe I wish.

    Please post part 2 soon.  the future looks good!


    Oh I second what Martin is asking for... we want to see a Jani picture of you doing actual build work instead of directing everything! (not a small task either in that country!)


    Happy for you Jani! 

  • If i have new order. I will meet your new office.

  • Jani, Congrats on your new office!

  • Congrats Jani & jDrones team!  Exciting to see you also expanding.


  • Distributor

    Hey Jani, great to see the move going on.... now where are the pictures of you with your hands getting dirty? ;)




  • Big project.

    And a funny typo: "'s time for first layers of new pain..." lol

  • Developer

    @Jan, unfortunately no. We are going to be further on at Udom Suk/Chaloem Phrakiat road. 

    @Monroe, let's see we have some extra space that can be turned to what ever ;)

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