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  • FlightGear (1.9) provides the attitude data and they are accessed via:
    Pitch: /orientation/pitch-deg
    Roll: /orientation/roll-deg
    Yaw: /orientation/heading-deg

    I used pitch and roll in my UAVsim example that is described in the UAV Playground blog post.
  • 3D Robotics
    We used X-plane because it is shipped ready to output the attitude data that we need. We don't know a good way to with FlightGear without modifying the source code, and FMS doesn't output that data at all. Xplane is also really good, with great scenery etc. I know FlightGear can probably do this in some easier way than we found, but we're not expert enough in it to know yet...
  • Looks like you guys are having tons of fun :)
    Unfortunately I am not sure that Sunday will be good day for least it's raining where I am (Pacifica) : (
  • Nice work! Jordi and you are going to deserve an award for all this amazing work!

    Is the second simulation environment different from the first? I was wondering why the free FMS simulator wasn't chosen?
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