JR mx 12 long range TX

My JR mx12 FM 35 Mhz TX got an overhaling made by Thomas Scherrer.FM 35 Mhz 10 mW - UHF 433 Mhz 500 mW ( secret button1,3 W)

Replacement of the FM tx to the new long range UHF tx.


New UHF TXDon't have to think about channel or "range" anymore.With a Yagi antenna and the new tracking antenna from immersion I hope to get a good range. My goel is about 15-20 km.(Did I mention the 7W booster I also ordered from Thomas Scherrer shhhhh).I'll gess the video link will be the week point now.More will come about this new option.

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    Just a note: somewhere the regs also state "unaided line of sight", so binoculars are out too.

    But then what about those high flying gliders I've seen thermalling at several thousand feet and the operator using a lounge chair with binoculars built into the arm??
  • I agree totally. That's also why guys with very very sharp eyes and a somewhat larger wingspan have some advantage in experimenting than the shorter sighted with park flyers! One day we'll see someone with a binocular and a directional antenna mounted on an helmet, starring at an empty sky with a JR UHF 433MHz 500mW around the neck...
  • The problem is that by being limited to VLOS - a sUAS is about as effective at testing, proving concepts, and performing tasks as a car with it's wheels taken off!

    How can you prove the safety of something without being allowed to research and test/demonstrate it?
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    Hooks, Denmark has signed up for the Europe wide sUAS regulations flight outside of VLOS will be illegal.

    Its not that anyone will come and chase you down for flying outside of VLOS but the first person to have a complaint raised against them, be it flying into a greenhouse or just a member of the public that the trouble will start.

    Here in the UK the CAA will do nothing until it has received a complaint and then if it considers the complaint to be serious enough it will continue.

    If you choose to do it, its upto you but better not publicise it. Matter not that you think its safe.
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    It's a bit funny.
    You have the rights to own a weapon, I gess nearly every citizen in the US have a gun under there bedpillow. But using a LRS for RC flying is a national threat..
    Sorry I don't get it.
    Here in Denmark we need a licens for having a airgun, but at the same time you can use LRS for oure RC plane. Hope everyone can see the picture.
  • I'm also a very satisfied user of this system since end of last year. I don't fly out of sight but the system is extremely secure and I don't disturb all the other R/C mates on 35 Mhz around of my flight area here.
  • The unit he uses is made by Thomas Scherrer. You can read about it here and for ordering info, read the first post:
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    Any chance that you can put some links up to where you acquired this unit?
  • Hey Sgt Ric, as I wrote "posting", I meant posting, not browsing. And I wrote Hooks has made a mod and is not looking as a dangerous guy. My point was on safe and responsible handling and flying, not about lurking agencies or baddies. He's in Halborg Danemark, the States are not the whole world, and by the way, if your homeland security would have been looking when the Wilbur Wright made his jump and Bleriot crossed the channel later on, there would maybe be no recreational aviation nowadays.
    I've seen large fireworks not exploding and going out of sight: how are those regulated? (that one was for kidding ;-)
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    Are you kidding?? Posting maybe not, but watching, you betcha!

    Cheap autonomous flight controllers? High powered R/C transmitters?

    I'm sure more than a few "baddies", and the Homeland Security guys have browsed these pages.
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