3D Robotics


Just for the next day -- get it while you can!


Comes with the latest 2.4 software with such features as Smart Rewind RTL, Panos, and Ziplines (on iOS now, and Android catching up to latest features next month)


The version without gimbal is a great and cheap open source development platform. We use dozens of them for swarming (instructions coming soon) 

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  • Hi Chris,

    is the rev 1 or the rev 2 hardware ?

  • 3D Robotics

    The Fourth of July offer is only available in north america (it's only a US holiday)

  • "We are unable to calculate shipping rates for the selected items."

    wtf ...

  • Moderator

    Chris,  it would be great to get the swarming instructions soon :)

  • Wouldnt matter If I could pick one up...2.4 app is only on iOS at the moment...still waiting for the android update!

  • Well, once again it is only for US and Canada.

    Europe didn't get a free battery on launch and doesn't get any of the several promotions that have been going.

  • Hi Chris,

    That is a really great price and I really want to buy one of these.

    Seems like the same as the B&H and Amazon Fathers Day promo deal but had no way to tell if they were rev one or rev two.

    Please tell us if this is the rev 1 or the rev 2 hardware.

    If it is the rev 2 I will buy one.

    Good to know also about commitment to have Android fully functional next month.

    I know that is a bug for a lot of people, although in my case either way works fine.

    It is perfect for my wife's IPad Mini.

    Best regards,


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