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Just for the next day -- get it while you can!


Comes with the latest 2.4 software with such features as Smart Rewind RTL, Panos, and Ziplines (on iOS now, and Android catching up to latest features next month)


The version without gimbal is a great and cheap open source development platform. We use dozens of them for swarming (instructions coming soon) 

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  • @chris


    can you post here a short message when the pricing for international buyers has been adjusted?

  • for europeen customers solo is not a good deal.too expansive;no real customers support...

  • I can confirm: In Germany the shop shows a Total of $1,149.88 using Chris's links.

  • Chris: I live in Turkey. I have tried at the Turkey and Germany also. ( traveling alot :)

  • 3D Robotics
    Aytek: it doesn't show up like that for me. It shows the $599 price. Where are you located?
  • Really ? ! : )

  • 3D Robotics

    Update: I just checked and this prices *are* available for international customers, too! For some reason, the combined Solo+Gimbal listing is marked North America only, but if you order Solo and the Gimbal as two items (it's the same price and they ship together), international ordering will work. 

    We'll fix that shipping glitch for the combined package today, but until then the above is the way to go. You'll get the same products at the same price. 

  • Wish it was valid in Norway.
  • @Chris Anderson, any sales rep would scream when reading such an answer. 

  • the web doesn't care about geographical locations.

    i just bought my runcam 2 with a coupon called "july4" ;-)

    but holywood does ... 3dr as well ...

    will be interesting when ttip is in place.

This reply was deleted.