ArduPilot_251 flight test with AP Throttle control from Mark Colwell on Vimeo.

ArduPilot 251, ArduIMUv1, Shieldv1, uBlox, Elevon mixing on a Stryker II with onboard video and HD ground video, sorry no telemetry. Winds 10-15 with some gusts to 20mph. Tip stall due to low throttle center speed setting and maneuvering in Fly-By-Wire mode. Next flight I climbed to safe altitude then landed in Stabilize mode with throttle cut off. Landing was smooth in gusty conditions! Next time testing with latest rev and more power for a longer flight, maybe fly to to some waypoints too...

ArduPilot 251 test flight with AP Throttle control HD ground video from Mark Colwell on Vimeo.

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  • Developer
    Stryker II only has a few more landings left, like this one...

    System damage reports:
    Power train,
    APC 7x4 EP prop broken off both sides, replace with APC Gas 7x3 $1.95
    Motor mount ripped off, $2 flexable superglue and carbon fiber, New mount for contest $5
    2250 mAh test battery has one bad cell now, $60 new 4s 2650mAh 40c for contest

    starboard side,
    Tears in foam on both sides of vertical fin up to spars, $1 Liquid Nails or lo temp hot glue.
    New foam body $21 for contest.
    Control horn ripped off, but still on wire z bend, $0.50 superglue and add some carbon fiber.
    Stripped servo plastic gears, replace set $2.49

    Made several test flights, my observations:
    1. Don't flight test with a weak or old battery
    2. make smaller PID p changes, over correcting in pitch and over powered throttle in FBW mode
    3. Start FWB mode at about 150' when testing throttle or pitch PID changes, 50' higher than normal
    4. Train left hand Learn to use Mode switch when panic ensues, place in Manual vs FBW and relax
    5. Don't ground test with a weak or old battery
    6. Flying in snow is fun!
  • Developer
    Got TM working now, xBee needed firmware reset again.., but it is sending mixed binary and ASCII, will t/s later after I fly new PID setting for throttle & pitch & nav. Off to field now as wind is picking up and starting to gust..
  • Mark, wonderful videos and great work by you !
  • Developer
    I will pass on any compile errors/ fixes with my config.h file. on file rev I down loaded yesterday.
    This is r842 renamed to ArduPilot_251_2 for my local use.
    I want to move onto your latest code with Elevon settings.
    Looks like Jason made more gps sim &parser fixes now were at rev r846

    Current compile error:
    .../core.a(wiring.c.0): In Function 'millis':
    .../wiring.c:66: multipule definitions of 'millis'
    .../ArduPilot_251_2.ccp:3821: first defined here

    Thanks, I am uploading throttle & alt hold changes to Stryker II for some testing, its cold here with no wind...
    last test flights only used 510 mah...
    Hope to fly for 4 mins..
  • Developer
    I plan to use Sony Webbie for on board HD recording and standard NTSC video out for FPV on 910mhz Tx
    Ground video was made with this camera too. I also have Jazz 178 HD and DXG-567V HD cameras both work great, but don't have a tilt head.
  • Developer
    Hi Doug,
    #define PITCH_COMP .10
    #define HEAD_MAX 3000
    I use air speed sensor, on Shieldv1
    I switch to FWB after being in Stabilize mode see config.h,
    In 1st flight about 1 second before tip stall,
    2nd flight about 1 second after starting land decent, FBW on until landing.

    other config.h setting for comments:

    #define POSITION_1 MANUAL
    #define POSITION_3 FLY_BY_WIRE

    #define WP_ALTITUDE_RADIUS 10

    #define SERVO_ROLL_P .3
    #define SERVO_ROLL_I .1
    #define SERVO_ROLL_D 0.0
    #define ROLL_SLEW_LIMIT 0

    #define SERVO_PITCH_P .3
    #define SERVO_PITCH_I .1
    #define SERVO_PITCH_D 0.0
    #define PITCH_COMP .10 //mjc set low for first tests was .30 //<------Very important, Pitch compensation vs. Roll bank angle.
    // I will increase to .30 for next test.

    #define NAV_ROLL_P .3
    #define NAV_ROLL_I .1
    #define NAV_ROLL_D 0.0
    #define NAV_ROLL_INTEGRATOR_MAX 10. // mjc will increase to .15 for next test

    #define NAV_PITCH_P .3
    #define NAV_PITCH_I .1
    #define NAV_PITCH_D 0.0
    #define NAV_PITCH_INTEGRATOR_MAX 10. // mjc will increase to .15 for next test
    #define CRUISE_AIRSPEED 13
    // If we have airspeed sensor pitch is used to maintain desired airspeed and throttle is used for climb/descent
    // NOTE - Airspeed is stored and used in the program as an integer pressure value
    // Use the formula: pressure = 0.1254 * speed * speed
    // where speed is the airspeed in meters per second.
    // For example if you want cruising airspeed to be 10 meters per second use a value of 13

    #define THROTTLE_P .32 // Proportional // mjc maybe increase for faster response ??
    #define THROTTLE_I .04 // Integrator
    #define THROTTLE_D 0.0 // Derivative
    #define THROTTLE_INTEGRATOR_MAX 30 // (0-125) 70=50% Integrator limit.
    #define THROTTLE_CRUISE 30 // mjc increase to 70 next flight Default throttle value - Used for central value if no airspeed sensor or Fly_By_Wire. Failsafe value
    #define THROTTLE_MAX 100 // mjc was 60 increase to 120 for next flight (0-125) 70 = 56% maximum throttle
    #define THROTTLE_MIN 10 // (0-125)

    Hope this was not too much...
  • Developer

    What value are you using for PITCH_COMP?, HEAD_MAX?. Are you using an airspeed sensor? Any way I can tell when in the video you are in FBW versus Manual?
  • Developer
    Mark, what revision are you using and what compile errors are you getting. I have had several "bad" revisions with minor compile errors for configurations I havent' tested and because of integrating changes.

    If you make me aware of them I will fix them as quickly as I can.
  • Developer
    I have 2 of these from, after many flights and lots of video, I am very satisfied with performance. Good in low light too.
  • Moderator
    Nice video Mark, can you tell me which on board camera you are using as I am looking to buy a nice small HD camera for my setup. Or are you only planning to add an HD camera at a later stage if so which ones are you looking at? I am currently just using a 640x480 onboard camera like this one.

    images?q=tbn:Ps-ZP1yINQDPeM:<a rel=nofollow href="/>

    Its nice because of the shape that doesn't have a large frontal area and easy to mount anywhere.

    Anyways good luck with the rest of your UAV
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