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  • Thanx, I have a P51 that I dream about doing much the same thing.  I was just wondering how others go about mounting it.  It seems very important to get it right, or the ship may never trim out.
  • John,

    I used to long, flat horizontal surface of the canopy separation as the 0/0 reference plane.

    I mounted a ply plate to that rail. A 1/4 inch sheet foam was glued to the rail and the APM was double sided taped to the foam. There is no way to adjust this mount.

    Hope that helped.

  • Hello, I am very interested in how you mounted the imu.  Did you put it in the same dimensional plane (not airplane) as the horizontal stabilizer?  Or, did yhou make a judgement call regarding the angle of attack of lthe main wing?  Please let me know.  Also, did you build in a way to adjust this? 
  • Agh great. Now I can display in the big tv and also on my er9x tx LCD display at the same time. The guys at the field are still wondering about the two antennas on the tx. They also are flabbergasted on the autopilot display on the tx. I tell them it is DIY black magic! They buy it.

    @ Irvin, sorry about the back wards prop thing, but hey,,

    @Riccardo, I have my 900 MHz Xbee 4" behind and slightly higher than the Ublox and parallel to it. Everything works fine. I tested it out to 1.2 miles and the GPS always worked. I tested it by taking the avionics package  for a ride in in my car recorded at home on the GS. I do however have problems from my 72 MHz RC transmitter when it is close to the plane. Has any one else experienced this problem? Other than that it works pretty good so far. I have recorded  data for every flight :)


  • Reccardo,

    Thanks for your positive comments and good advise.  Yes, I should move the XBee back more.



    The Katana is a very open structure so I don't think the carbon fiber is a problem, just something more to think about.


  • I have heard bad things about carbon fiber next to antennas....have you had any problems? Nice looking plane by the way. I have a PA Mini-Katana myself....
  • I meant... Irvin... sorry
  • Irving,

    nice to see that braves are not disappeared.

    Congratulation for a nice plane and setup.

    Anyway I would be more concerned by the Xbee, than the inverted propeller ;D

    It is very close to the Ublox. In this Acromaster I had the same Xbee system. It was more spaced, but when it was powered on, the Ublox wasn't able to get a lock. I had to get GPS lock before and then connect the Xbee.

    Unfortunately I was not recording telemetry, so I can't check for that and see how good the GPS signal was. I used it to control a tracking camera with an Ardustation hardware.

    Best regards,


  • All right, guys!  I know the plane will fly better with the prop on right.  It was a mistake.  I remove the prop for safety reasons when I am ground testing the system then put it back on just before pre-flight. I just got it on backwards.
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