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  • Nice event, nice brands, nice drones, but unfortunately vague prospects of the industry at all

  • Hope your right who do DJI think they are. All they do is play on the stupid ie the people who buy their ridiculously over priced crap! Its crazy that people pay several thousand of dollars or pounds for stuff you can get from other companies half or even quarter the price. I just got a F800  (yes DJI clone I just like the looks lol) for £600 go to dji for same thing and your looking at least 3 times the price. Personally they can keep their rubbish!

  • That aggressive, badly-done face on the already nasty-looking Rube Goldberg DJI contraption (that looks like it was designed in some mom's basement by a 13-year old in teen-crisis) is exactly what we don't need. It's garbage like this that fuels the hysteria surrounding "drones". The only good thing about this ridiculous kludge is that it will be expensive and difficult to repair, and thus we hopefully won't see many of them.  

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