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Back in June 2013, I shared some pictures from the then-new 3D Robotics Tijuana factory.  Here's another batch, showing the growth and progress there. It's buzzing and packed!

Four pick-and-place machines running all the time: 


Visual inspection of boards after they come out of the reflow ovens3689634993?profile=original

Part of the customer service call center3689635022?profile=original

Firmware loading and diagnostics


IRISs waiting for testing


Pallets of IRISs waiting to be shipped to distributors


The outdoor test facility. Every vehicle is flight tested before leaving the factory


Here's about half of the flight testing that each IRIS goes through. This part tests GPS and Loiter modes.

The ionized water washing machine, used to clean PCBs after manufacturing:


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  • This is impressive. Congrats Chris.

  • Thank you Chris for sharing a bit of behind the scenes look at 3DR. Couldnt be more impressed.

  • Can hear Larry Page upping his offer by a few quadrillion.

  • Very impressive. Nice work.

  • Great work!

    But how do You think - may be it's time for change design for IRIS?

  • Awesome to see what you and Jordi have built Chris.  A true success story.

     Forget the monetary gains, I am envious of your tooling and manufacturing capabilities.  The things I would make if I had access to your equipment for a week:-)

    Congrats! You guys deserve it!

  • Outstanding!

  • Distributor

    very nice!

  • great to see this compagny grow up!

  • Gosh. That's a cool factory. I hand build a couple of drones per month and sell them here in the UK, and it's nice to see that my process has similar stages. It's more complex than people think.

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