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Latest prototype of ArduStation Mega

The team designing the hardware groundstation for ArduPilot Mega is making great progress. Above is the latest case prototype from Scott Plunkett. Needless to say, there will be more buttons. Also the screen is a blue/white dot matrix upgrade from the current one. Note the dial pot for real-time PID tweaking while the autopilot is in the air!
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  • any idea when it would be released? Because this post is already 3 years old.

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    We decided to upgrade the processor to a more powerful one, and otherwise expand the functions, so it's still in development.

  • What happened to this Prototype?

    I'm currently looking for an alternative to the Ardustaion, something like ardustation mega. a bigger LCD (would love a graphics LCD) all based on an arduino mega.... is there something for buy?

  • Who wouldn't like a ground station display like this? (see second picture below) OK I admit it's a Saitek P46 Instrument panel driven by FS-X flight simulator but there is no reason not to develop a similar display driven by the ardusatation. What I am suggesting is a "Glass Cockpit" Primary Flight Display (PFD) for the ardustation which represents the telemetry data in such a way that it can be interpreted all at once just like in a real airplane. With such a display the drone could be flown entirely on instruments. The data required to feed such a display is already collected by the ardustation and could be relayed to another micro controller through a serial port. The second micro controller would be responsible for formatting and presenting the data graphically and possibly communicating commands back to the ardustation possibly via touch screen. Another possibility is to hack the Saitek PZ 46 and feed it through ardustation if that is possible? Please contact me if you are interested in this project.

    Here's a typical glass cockpit PFD setup for instrument flight. I would add a heading bug for return home and a distance to home readout as well as battery status bar graphs.


  • Hi, anyone had a similar problem as I'm having with Ardustation, as below?


  • nice :)
  • Telemetry in action

  • a D-link router, nice case for ardustation :D
  • Like the repurposed case! perfect for this application. where will the button/switches go?
  • Admin
    Looks good Earl ( pics are little out of focus), where are planning to put the data modem / transceiver , the original wifi antenna outlet looks good place to take the antenna out for it :) , good job
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