It seems that the argument is between those who want to require a commercial pilots license and those who believe a private pilots license is sufficient for flying quadcopters.

"Enabling private pilots to work commercially would set a precedent, the inspectors wrote, boxing in the FAA while it developed a permanent set of drone regulations. They also noted that private pilots are twice as likely to be involved in fatal accidents as commercial pilots."

Story here.

Reported instances of headshaking, sighs, looks of general annoyance on the uptick.

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  • Ultralights are not allowed to do anything commercial. Ultralights are manned and have absolutely nothing to do with commercial drones. Part 103 also has nothing to do with commercial drones. 

  • And for every 3 pounds of regulations comes x amount of revenue the government will want.

    Let me guess; we'll have to pay a "license" fee to support a new Department of Drone bureau of some sort. Recall the 70's when you had to pay $5 for a CB license. I still remember mine: KAKJ0554. Oh, and you didn't dare get caught without a CB license.....

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    I'm about half way through reading the proposal and it's very reasonable IMHO. If only the FAA were that reasonable. Some very good points are made that highlight the fact that UA/sUAS are being unfairly singled out for restrictions based solely on knee jerk public opinion and not sound reasoning!

    If anyone hasn't read it already they should.

    Do you have any kind of petition going? This is one I would sign my name to.

    Best Regards,

    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

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    Oh great, another three pounds of regulation! :)

  • Forget the private and commercial licensing and let's try to operate under part 103, just like the ultralight aircraft do. I bet 99% of our aircraft meet those requlations. And no license is required. Maybe even have some airspace training, because part 103 refers to no operating in in clas a,b,c,and d airspace.

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    Someone needs to tell FAA that 'drones' are unmanned crafts. And mostly small lightweight ones at that.

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