Stealing a march on Amazon, Lending Club is testing cash delivery via drone.

"The Loan Drone would provide two things that borrowers love: speed and cold hard cash. While getting a transfer into your bank account is nice, getting a wad of $100 bills delivered to your doorstep in less than 60 minutes is very compelling."


Observant readers may recognize Long time DIY Drones member Andreas Oesterer's handiwork involved!

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  • The Fed already tried that. I'm concerned that Yellen is going to pull a different rabbit out of her hat.

  • Janet Yellen's next step, if the stock market ever falls below 17,000.

  • April fools?
  • Moderator

    I will volunteer for the first trails please, my co-ordinates are ....... ......... 200$ will be nice but 100$ is OK, thank you !

  • what date do we have today :)

  • No, I think actually this is a test of the quad that goes back over the border from the US to Mexico after the drug drone comes up.

  • Admin

    Now, like in olden times with seagoing pirates, we will have airborne pirates:-)



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