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  • MR60

    @Nadia, so the Lidar oversamples by 10 times the smallest distance it is able to measure (10 cm), ie 5 times to much according to physics laws (Nyquist law). Optimum would be a factor of 2. Why this sub-optimal engineering choice, that probably drives the cost upward? Great opportunity to design a cheaper V2 of your product?

  • @Dorjano, the measurement is given in cm, so you will see 49.90, 49.91, 49.92 etc.

    The accuracy of this cm resolution reading is dependent on range to target, the reflectivity of the target and environmental conditions, such as sunlight. So when you get a reading of say 49.91, then there is a possibility that the true reading is between 49.81 and 50.01.

    Under good conditions this "error" will be less than the +/-10cm.

    I hope that explains it. ;-)

  • One question though... What is the point of 1cm resolution if the accuracy is +/-10cm (got that from the website)?

    Am I missing something? The objec 50m apart would be measured 49.90m or 50.10m, right? 

    Great tiny thing by the way ;-)

  • Developer

    fantastic, looks great!

  • Very happy to see this Nadia,

    I am planning on ordering two SF20s as soon as they are available.

    Best Regards,


  • It is a good equipment, which remains affordable for the price.

  • Absolutely! The SF20 will launch within the next 2 weeks.

  • Should be the most powerful and small consumer lidar ever. Can't wait to test it!

    Is there going to be an OEM version (without enclosure) available?

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