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Go2 Quadruped Robot Personal accompany and life care robot / Introducing the Go2 sold by

The New Generation Unitree Go2 returning with glory leads the bionic robotics world.
Introducing the New Go2 Intelligent Bionic Quadruped Robot - the cutting-edge 
marvel that's set to revolutionize robotics! With its new and improved 
features, this robot is a leap forward in technology.
Imagine a robot that sees the world like never before. Our Super Recognition 
System powered by 4D LIDAR L1 technology equips the Go2 robot with unparalleled 
perception, ensuring it navigates and interacts with its surroundings seamlessly.
Speed meets precision with a max running speed of approximately 5m/s and a peak 
joint torque of around 45N.m. This means the Go2 robot is not only swift but 
also incredibly powerful, opening up a world of possibilities for various applications.
Stay connected effortlessly with the wireless module that supports Wi-Fi6,
Bluetooth, and 4G. The Go2 robot is always in touch, no matter where it goes.
Don't worry about interruptions during crucial tasks – the ultra-long battery 
endurance, lasting approximately 2 to 4 hours, ensures 
extended operation without frequent recharging.
Experience the future of robotics with the Intelligent Side-follow System (ISS 2.0)
The Go2 robot can intelligently follow you, making it the 
perfect companion for various scenarios.
But that's not all – interaction reaches new heights as you take control with the 
iPhone app. Engage in exciting activities and enjoy intuitive control like never before.
With AI integration at its core, the Go2 robot learns and adapts, pushing the 
boundaries of what a robot can do. The future is here, and it's intelligent, 
dynamic, and brimming with potential – it's the Go2 Intelligent Bionic Quadruped Robot.
Go2 air and Go2 do not support secondary development

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