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  • Patrick, I think the reason why the community isn't helping, is because the jig is up.

  • OK looks like the truth about this design is finally coming to the surface. What a relief. So when it finally gets scrapped and the next feasible design gets built instead, will the successful design finally get the prize money it deserves?

  • I don't think this is a bunch of kids giving it there first shot straight out of school, the manufacturer (PACI?) seems like it's been around for a couple of years. I'm just really puzzled about their build and test process.

  • Actually I feel sorry for these kids, they are a long way from the big leagues and I cant see how they will make it work without a good experienced team.  Chris got involved in this project a few weeks ago, helping them connecting the motors and stuff, but basically this is not helping them making this design airworthy.

    And the and the expected help from ''the community'' has yet to come, and this situation is somehow uncomfortable for most of us. We are always willing to help, but it requires two steps :  First, someone's has to ask and Second, be opened minded to suggestions, like discarding the winner and replacing with the second place...

  • Partnering with the future

    In May 2015, Airbus Group announced a plan to establish its Silicon Valley operations with a fully independent venture capital fund and an innovation center branded A3. With an initial capital of $150 million, Airbus Ventures's main mission is to identify and invest in the most visionary entrepreneurs in the global aerospace ecosystem.   

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  • So what happened to the smaller test-bed?  Did they ever get that flying?

  • Clearly Hal 9000, I mean Global Innovator, needs to be added to the engineering team.
  • Maybe the AFC (Anderson Flight Controller) should be replaced with a Pix2 running Ardupilot!!!
  • Oh dear. How can you be having COG issues with an empty cargo drone prototype? Is that not just a very basic hurdle. I seem to recall this was mentioned in previous postings. So Airbus engineere are going to build this thing when these guys are done?
  • Developer

    If they are having structural problems now, just imagine if they decide to also include the bent wing structure as in the original concept.

    But what really gets me is that the entire thing is like reading the happy adventures of your typical DIY amateur starting from scratch with no prior knowledge about what works and how to build drones, happily ignoring any and all advice from the community in the process. Something that is very puzzling when you consider the companies involved.

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