Loitering around in calm air

The wind was calmer then it has been in months so I decided to see just how stable the Arducopter (2.5 APM, UBlox GPS) can be with the 2.9.1 code.
I was pleased, I could have hovered until the battery runs down. Also, landing while in Loiter is really smooth, much better than I could do flying in stable mode!. Just had flip the switch back to stable mode once down to finish the flight properly.

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  • Hi John.. I am using default settings on everything. It is a 3DR Arducopter, but I am using DJI motors and props.

  • I stay in Loiter mode until it touches down and the motors shut off, then I switch to stable mode to disarm.

    It works great!

  • Sorry to hijack this thread but just how much of the landing did you perform in loiter mode ? Just how far above the ground were you until you took over for the final last bit ?

  • Nice! Are you using the default gains settings or your own-determined gains settings for the quad?

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