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  • 4-1 oilers win... i have no faith left...
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    All these Calgarians must all be at tonight's Oiler vs Flames game... too bad the Flames are goin' DOWN!
  • I am a University of Calgary Student, so yeah I am a Calgarian.
  • I am from Calgary. This is my first post on DIY but I've been a reader for quite some time :)

    We should have a get together sometime :)
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    Its looking like quite a few in the community are from Alberta... amazing.
  • I'm Albertan, based in Calgary
  • A French dude in Edmonton, do you count him?
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    Way behind the Oilers, thats for sure!

    I'm already onboard the Alberta chapter.

    I met a few more Albertans on RCGroups last year... hope they find us
  • Not an Albertan but still a fellow Canuck! How do you see the Flames faring in the NW division this year?
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