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  • That makes sense. I automatically assumed flight controller.
  • @Shawn, when he says 'no controller' I think he means no RC transmitter. Most common folks refer to our transmitters as controllers, probably in reference to video games.

  • It's at $305 currently. Is it worth that much without a flight controller?
  • I would suggest he contact the seller asap! He was pretty upfront about how he got it.

  • Developer

    Ha, my friend's IRIS is in the bay....

  • If this was "found" by the seller, even on his own property, it's not his to sell and to do so is a crime, a felony in this case due to the value.

  • Moderator

    I think Jason and friends had an Iris go bye-bye in the area...

  • I lost a non dev iris with gimbal and gopro in NH a couple months ago. I suspect it will show up on ebay at some point.

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