Lucky shot of a hawk in flight

I realize that this isn't directly relevant to the development of uav systems, but here is a lucky shot I got last week of a red tail hawk in flight. I pulled this frame from a video using VLC player and the camera that I used was a keychain camera I bought on ebay.

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  • You actually have two shots of the hawk - on in from of you and an earlier on ewhere he is far below you. At Youtube 6:55 (onscreen timestamp ...32:02), you overfly him, and I think you got his attention then!

    Fun flight - and more stable than mine!
  • Stabilized.

  • I just watched the vultures video. WOW! awesome. A real-time fpv rig is what I'm aiming for in the future but the price to put one together is a little steep for my budget right now. I have an 8-month old kid that's taking most of my spare time and money these days. Thats a lot of fun too though.
  • in defense of my unstable flying, I'm sure that if that hawk tried remote-driving a terrestrial vehicle such as an R/C car, he would be at least as disadvantaged as I am when I try to fly a plane.
  • Yes you have to create a text file in the root directory of the device and I think you name it something like set-time.txt. I can get the details for you if you don't have the directions, etc.

    Strangely, the next time you attach the device the text file disappears but the time stamp is set and it keeps time just like a wristwatch does. I like the setup. I don't know however if there is an option to remove the timestamp altogether, but I can't imagine why I would need to.
  • Volando entre buitres. Flying with vultures. from Montiel Roberto on Vimeo.

    A neat video of buzzard buzzing.
    @ John M, Good stuff!
  • Do you have to write a text file for the time stamp? My flight buddy has one, and thats what he has to do. We got around it by setting the time to 00:00:00. Then instead of displing time, its more like a time-R. Thanks for posting the vid, I'll watch in a sec. :)
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    It has been like that for long time ,I guess a million year of evolution produces a perfect flying machine.
  • The bird looked a lot more stable than the plane.
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    "Just curious though, where is Ruzghan? "
    Sorry, meant Uruzgan. Thrashed the joke.
    I believed the guys were giving coordinates for the next contest.
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