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  • 3D Robotics
    Bryan: see the picture mid-way down this page of the manual.
  • I can't read the writing by the solder jumper for setting the magnetometer to 3.3 or 5 volts even with a 30x jewelers lens. The writing is smeared together. Can anyone tell me which way to solder the jumper for 5v?
  • 22 left! hurry up!
  • IN Stock RIGHT NOW! already ordered mine!
  • fahpah has them in stock too ?
  • I have been checking the link daily. I just happened to check it within minutes of it becoming available. I got the email from the list shortly after.

    Gotta love luck and timing :)
  • (Out of Stock) :)`,these things sell faster than condoms .
  • Yeah, I was on the email list and missed 'em. Looks like i'll have to be a little faster on the draw
  • How about allowing a back order??? I come home from work and they are already sold out.
  • oo so thats wat happen i was one of the last ones of that 100 :P damn sells faster than free coffee at macdonalds
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