Mans best friend...A Drone!

If there is anything I look forward to more than updates from Darpa, its updates from Boston Dynamics.  They are really doing some pretty innovative things in the way of robotics there, and yet here is another example.  My arducopter is jealous.  

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  • Yes, it does look a bit like a cow, but have you send the earlier prototype, on ice, its much more bambi.


    Amazing but the slow mo bit still chills me to the bone.


  • And don't forget a sickbag =))))

    Is it just me, or I can see many markers around that forest? Bad robot, cheating robot =)

  • Put a seat on it, and you don't even have to walk...

  • For one thing you have these stored away and then get them out as needed, without having to waste resources keeping them fed,cleaning up after them, and being humane. Or maybe you could have one carrying supllies with a pack of soldiers in say Afghanistan. You could have it following a group of troops, and you come under fire your just have it "lay down" and you wouldn't have to worry about it getting scared or shot.

    Another example could be in places like Antarctica. On the way there it would be stored in the ships hold, and once you arrive it could be deployed to walk with you and you wouldn't have to worry about it freezing to death and if something happened and you have to leave it then fine, just leave it. Even places like Everest where it could come with supplies to base camp.

    Something that just came to mind, it doesn't have to be right behind you... or even if it was, a second one could be sent a week later with supplies down the same path the first one traveled.

  • Really magnificent path finding and execution. Hope that eventually those nifty laser scanners come down in size and cost where we can use them on our multicopters. Really felt bad when he fell down and rolled over in the creek, but he got right back up and kept going. Great design guys and for those of you who don't know why its worth doing that what are you doing here on this web site that is 100% about free form innovation.

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    I see their work as a prelude to when lipo will last 2000 time longer. 

    Make it go faster and last longer and you have a "perfect weapon', not only it can assist soldiers as a mule would do but it can also run a mission (where the traditional organic mule cannot). 

    Every years they make it better.  

    Very cool work! 

  • @Darren, I assure you, it does not run on water.

    @Jonas, because the Military-Industrial-Complex hasn't figured out how to mark-up a mule to $10,000,000.

  • Nice project. But I am missing why this is going to be a succes?

    Why not use a horse or a mule? They are cheaper faster do not need a lot of maintenance.

  • replaces the pack mule, that drinks 100gallons of water per day; with one that runs on a fuel cell and 100gallons of water a day! :)

  • T3
    LS3 bring me a beer. Very cool.
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